Volume I Title & Preface
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Chapter 1, Introduction
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Chapter 2, Analog Pulse Modulation Methods
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Chapter 3, Digital Pulse Modulation Methods
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Chapter 4, Fundamental Analysis of Error Sources within PMA Systems
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Chapter 5, Efficeincy Optimization in the Power Conversion Stage of PMA Systems
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Chapter 6, Investigation of the Application of Robust Linear Control to Analog PMA Systems
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Chapter 7, A Presentation of Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control (MECC)
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Chapter 8, Investigation of the Application of Non-linear Control Methods for Analog PMA Systems
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Chapter 9, Error Correction in Digital PMA Systems
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Chapter 10, A Practical Evaluation of all Investigated Principles & Topologies
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Chapter 11, A Summarize of the Essence of the Thesis & Essential Conclusions
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Chapter 12, Bibliography
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