We now present our newest amplifier solution which guarantees exceptional sound quality, an unbelievably compact size, endless design possibilities and short time to market. The solution is called ICEmatch, a highly flexible plug-and-play audio solution.

ICEmatch consists of two separate amplifier and power supply modules: The ICEpower400SM state-of-the-art 400W audio power supply and the powerful ICEpower80AM2 amplifier. One 400SM can power from one up to eight 80AM2 amplifiers, offering you endless design possibilities to develop everything from custom installation multi-channel amplifiers to home theatre receivers, active loudspeakers, studio monitors, steerable column speakers, etc.

400SM Audio Power Supply
The 400SM is a universal mains switch mode power supply with both +5V and +/- 12V auxiliary power supply, wake on signal sense, 12V trigger input and status LED indicators. It consumes less than 0.2W in standby and is therefore capable of supplying up to 0.3W to power your front end in standby, easily complying with EuP2013 standards. The 400SM has an exceptionally solid build quality and implements the most advanced and comprehensive protection system we have implemented to date, with a total of 9 independent protection circuits monitoring temperatures, currents and voltages of several different functional blocks of the 400SM. Unbreakable is a strong word but we are close.

80AM2 Audio Amplifier
The 80AM2 is a slim and light amplifier module which offers staggering audio performance despite its small size. Based on our HCOM modulation and control techniques, 80AM2 delivers crisp and clear audio in 2 x 80W a 4Ohm single ended or 1 x 160W at 8Ohm bridged (BTL). So what does that translate to in terms of the sound? A natural, relaxed and dynamic sound with excellent stereo perspective and a tightly controlled precise bass that will do justice to any recording in your collection.

Please download the ICEmatch brochure and data sheet for more information and full specifications.


  • Universal mains
  • Standby functionality with wake-on-signal and trigger input
  • Auxiliary power supplies , +5V and +-12V
  • 2 x 80W a 4Ohm single ended or 1 x 160W at 8Ohm BTL mode
  • Superb sound quality
  • Comprehensive protection scheme
  • Low profile – fits in a 1U rack


  • Custom installation amplifiers
  • Multi-channel amplifiers
  • Steerable column speakers
  • Active loudspeakers
  • Studio monitors

THD+N vs. Output Power